Sunday, June 18, 2017

Review for Beneath a Blood Lust Moon by Jodi Vaughn - 5 out of 5!


Werewolf Braxton Devereaux would do anything to protect his mother from his abusive father, even commit murder. Or so everyone assumes.
Pack Law justice is swift and unforgiving when it comes to murder, and soon werewolf Assassins are out to balance the scales - Braxton’s life for his father’s. On the run, Braxton flees on his Harley to the anti-extradition state of Missouri, but before he crosses the border, he is felled by an Assassin's bullet, and an unsuspecting blonde.
Kate Wolph is in a legal battle to avoid losing her Bed and Breakfast to foreclosure. The last thing she needs is an injured wolf to care for, let alone a gorgeous man with blank eyes and a deadly smile. But the supernatural world of danger that surrounds him threatens to swallow more than just her life.
Can Braxton track down the real killer before the Assassins find him, or will Pack Justice cost him not only his life but the life of the only woman he’s ever loved?


Loved this! I really enjoyed Jodi's take on werewolves! Braxton is falsely accused of murdering his abusive father, he sets out for neutral territory and to prove his innocence, but when he is shot and run off the road by werewolf assassins, he barely escapes with his life and luckily he finds Grace. When Grace finds an injured wolf outside of her bed and breakfast, she doesn't know that her normal life is about to get a bit crazy. Loved the passion and chemistry between Braxton and Grace! Sweet and hot! I love how honest Braxton is with Grace, and how Grace handles all of this craziness being thrown at her. I felt the connection between them, and I loved reading about their feelings growing. Loved all of the side characters! There's some great humor when some unruly romance authors enter the picture! Such fun! There's also some characters from the previous book in this book, which I enjoyed! I haven't read the first book yet, and didn't feel like I was lost with this story, so I don't think it's absolutely necessary to read book one first, but I definitely want to read it after reading this book! I listened to the audiobook version of this book, and think the narrator did a good job. He reads both male and female parts, and he did great with both. Heartwarming, Fun, Sexy, and some great action! Looking forward to reading much more by Jodi Vaughn!

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