Saturday, June 3, 2017

Review for Justice Ascending by Rebecca Zanetti - 5 out of 5!


Before surviving the Scorpius bacterium, Tace Justice was a good ole Texas cowboy who served his country and loved his mama. After Scorpius, the world became dark, dangerous, and deadly... and so did he. The Vanguard medic is stronger, faster, and smarter than before, but he's lost the line between right and wrong. His passion is absolute, and when he focuses it on one woman, there's no turning back for either of them.

Sami Steel has been fighting to survive right alongside Tace, convincing the Vanguard soldiers she's one of them. In truth, Sami is a former hacker turned government agent who worked at The Bunker, where scientists stored both contaminants and cures. Only she knows the location, and she's not telling. Yet when sexual fire explodes between her and Tace, she'll face even that hell again to save him.


I absolutely love Rebecca Zanetti's writing, and I love this series!! I love that this series is an adult, romance dystopian! You should for sure read the previous books because they are awesome! And there is also a continuing storyline throughout the series, I suppose you could read this on its own, but you wouldn't get the full experience of this series. In this series, a deadly bacteria, Scorpius, has infected most of the population and many have died, but some of the survivors are doing what they can to find the cure, and to survive the disease and other people. In this book, we get the story of Tace and Sami, both are soldiers at one of the survivor compound. Tace and Sami have both survived Scorpius, but Tace is experiencing some effects of the disease because he didn't receive a shot that he needed on time. Tace and Sami have felt an attraction towards each other for awhile, but neither has acted on it because they are partners in the field, so they felt it wouldn't be accepted by their leader, but it's becoming more and more difficult for them to stay away from each other. Plus, both are withholding some very important information, so each has a bit of a wall up. I love how badass Sami is! She kicks butt! She's definitely not a damsel, and I enjoyed seeing her evolve, I was hoping that she wouldn't be so blasé about Tace's extra curricular activities right before her, but she probably more mature than I am, lol! Tace has a bit of a dark side, which I loved, and I love how protective he is. There is tons of awesome action going on, and I loved getting to see previous characters! I'm definitely reading more by Zanetti, and in this series! I want Grayson's book!!! So, if you want some action-packed, fast-pace, amazing storytelling, and deep romantic connections then definitely read this book and this series!

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