Sunday, June 18, 2017

Review for New Moon by Lisa Kessler - 5 out of 5!


Sometimes Fate plays dirty...

Jaguar shifter Sebastian Severino is an enigma. He lives alone, works alone, and will die alone. But the night he’s attacked by a female werewolf, nothing will ever be the same. And when his young niece is kidnapped, Sebastian, the deadliest assassin Nero has ever produced, will be forced to choose a side...

Isabelle Wood has never taken the easy path. As a bounty hunter and now a bitten werewolf without a mate, she’s searching for answers to her father’s disappearance while helping to lead an Alphaless Pack. The night she gets the opportunity to take out their enemy, with her blade at his throat, her wolf discovers her mate in the last person she can be with.


Loved this one! Love this series!! Sebastian is sort of an anti-hero, which I totally love, and I really enjoyed watching him find love. Isabelle is a total kick butt female, which is another thing I totally love, and I enjoy reading about a romance that the characters try to deny, but they can't resist the pull towards each other. Along with the sweet, deep romance, there's lots of great action scenes, and I loved seeing characters from the past books; it's great to see the different groups come together! Sebastian is a Jaguar shifter, whose father is evil, and Sebastian has been his right hand man for awhile, so Sebastian has compiled quite the list of enemies, but he's beginning to see that his father's actions aren't working towards a favorable outcome. Isabelle is a werewolf shifter, who father disappeared when she was younger, she found out the Sebastian and his father may have had a hand in her father's disappearance, so she has plans to take Sebastian down, but when her wolf won't let her, she doesn't know what to think. I enjoyed reading about the differences between jaguar shifters and wolf shifters, and there's an element of suspense throughout the book that kept my interest. The romance is wonderful, they have some hot moments, and they are really cute with each other; I had several awww moments! Love them as a couple! When I pick up a Lisa Kessler book, I know I'm in for some wonderful characters, exciting storylines, and passionate, heartfelt romance! I'll definitely be reading more by Kessler!

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