Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Review for Safe Mode by Becky McGraw - 4 out of 5


When you fall asleep in safe mode, they may bury you...

Dr. Grace Wentworth is at the end of her rope with her wild sister who is pursuing the pipe dream of becoming an actress and pawning her daughter off on Grace to do so. When her sister doesn’t come back from her latest audition, and Grace finds out she’s gone to a BDSM resort in Vegas, she has no choice but to go to Sin City to find her and drag her home.

Dexter Buchanan is just looking for a little well-deserved time off from Deep Six Security to wallow in geek talk with fellow techies at the biggest military electronics show in the world in Vegas. What he gets is far from relaxing, however, when he sees his former college friend-with-benefits at the airport being hustled away in a limo to the Silver Chains Resort. After a little research, he finds out the resort is a kink club and thinks his very vanilla former lover and family friend must’ve lost her mind or she might be in trouble.

Could his decision not mind his own business unravel secrets of his own? Would his interference result in him losing his job at Deep Six, and maybe his life to boot? Or would it be his chance to reconnect with his hardcore military family who thought he was a failure, if he didn't drag them down with his sinking ship?


This is more like a 3.5, but I rounded up because it had a strong finish. The story is interesting and entertaining, and I enjoyed that there was some humor. In Safe Mode, Grace is trying to find her sister, who met some Dom online and went to his BDSM club/resort to make "movies", but Grace hasn't heard anything from her sister in over a month, so she decides to do something just as stupid as her sister, she contacts the same Dom her sister did and acts like she's into the BDSM lifestyle, but she knows little to nothing about that world, so she doesn't no what she has gotten herself into, but she'll do what she needs to do in order to find her sister. Dexter sees Grace, who he knew in college, in the airport and sees the Dom treating Grace poorly, so he decides to see what's going on because the Grace he knew would've never been into that type of sex play. Dexter is great, and I liked that he is a sexy computer nerd! He's adorkable! I also like the backstory with Grace and Him, and I loved his attitude! Grace on the other hand wasn't so great, she made stupid decisions all the time, and I don't like how she messed up Dexter's life after he helped her out with a really scary situation, but she did sort of grow on me, so it wasn't all bad, but she really was quite helpless. The action scenes were great, and this story actually deals with some intense stuff, which I found to be very interesting and I like that this story took a bit of a darker turn; it was unexpected. There's actually not much BDSM stuff in this book, which I didn't mind too much, but I would've liked more for the sex scenes that were present; they felt a little lacking and incomplete, but luckily, the story kept me interested the whole time, and the Deep Six Security stuff was really cool. I listened to the audiobook version of the story, and the narration felt a bit robotic in the beginning, but by the end it wasn't so bad. I don't know if I just got used to it, or the narrator just got into the flow of the story, but he did an okay job. This was the first book I've read by Becky McGraw, and after reading this book, I'd like to read more in this series, so I'll be checking out more from Becky McGraw!

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