Saturday, July 22, 2017

Review for Being Alpha by Katie Salidas - 4 out of 5


Newly-Minted Regional Alpha, Aeson Silverman hit the jackpot. Power, prestige, and wealth, he’s got everything a wolf-shifter could ask for.

Or so he thought…

Being the Alpha is not the playboy lifestyle he’d imagined.

Despite devastatingly good looks and an impressive wit, he can’t seem to get Emma MacBride, the hottie doctor from another pack, to give him the time of day.

Unfortunately a bruised ego is only the beginning of Aeson’s troubles.

Someone has been poisoning the minds of other territorial Alphas, systematically pitting neighbor against neighbor. And the moment he takes control of the Long Teeth territory the rising storm of dissension finds a way into his pack.

Allying himself with the powerful Olde Town pack, Ace chooses comradery over aggression and invites warring neighbors to join him for a meeting to establish peace.

Diplomacy comes with a reward earning him a date with the elusive doctor MacBride.

But every choice the young Alpha makes is under scrutiny and when his peaceful summit ends with the death of a high ranking wolf, the fate of his pack and his leadership hangs in the balance.


The writing is on point, Katie Salidas creates an interesting, entertaining, and unique story. The only thing that usually doesn't click with me is the characters; I usually find them annoying, but I enjoy the story and Katie Salidas' take on werewolves that I tend to overlook that I don't care for some of the characters. Being Alpha has some really great suspense and intrigue, and it's great to see a different wolf pack. Emma is the lead in this book, and I didn't really like her from the previous books, and that continued into this book for me. I do like that she is smart and strong, but she just rubs me the wrong way a lot of times, and I hated the Brady scenario. Emma and some heavy players from her pack travel to join up with some other pack leaders to discuss enemies, and situations that need to be dealt with. Aeson is the pack leader being host to the other pack leaders, and once he sees Emma, he likes what he sees, and has hopes to begin something romantic with her, but she's a tough nut to crack, so their connection stalls out a few times. When enemies up their game, Aeson needs to prove that he is a strong alpha, and discover the enemy creating the chaos. I liked that there are chapters from Aeson's POV, I found him likable, so I enjoyed those chapters. This book felt a little unfinished to me, and I'm not sure if there's going to be another book, but if there were I'd like see more of what happens to these characters. Good read about werewolves!

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