Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Review for Broken Magic by Catherine Vale - 5 out of 5!


Dragons, mages, witches and the weirdest creatures you'll ever meet.

Ever since Alice Stark's parents disappeared unexpectedly, she has been on a mission to find them. Her search has taken her to strange worlds of magic and mayhem and to dangerous realms filled with mythical beasts and dark magic creatures.

Her next adventure will be unlike any other before...

When Alicia finds herself stuck in an unusual world called Wonderland, she is forced to fight her way out. With her magic suddenly useless, it will take more than spell-work to survive. She will have to risk everything if she wishes to defeat the dark power that controls the world and her destiny.

Broken Magic is the gripping first story in the Worlds of Magic Series. If you enjoy stories filled with enchanting creatures, otherworldly monsters, inhuman allies, and a dash of romance in a fantasy setting, purchase a copy of this book! This story was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.


This was wonderful! Loved that Broken Magic has elements of Alice in Wonderland in it! Super fun and cool! Alicia is a white witch, who has the ability to jump to different worlds, but when she lands in an unusual world, where she can't use her powers to open a portal to leave, she finds herself in some intense and dangerous situations. Alicia has been on a quest to find out information about her missing parents, who also have the ability to jump worlds, but have mysteriously disappeared. Alicia meets up with some interesting people, but she doesn't know if they are ally or foe. Loved the whole book! It's interesting, and the Wonderland was a great setting! Beautifully visual descriptions, and I really enjoyed the unique quirks Catherine Vale added to the Wonderland story. Alicia is a strong character, and I appreciated her tenacity and spunk. Catherine Vale did a great job of adding depth of emotion to the story, which made the characters more vivid and real. I'm definitely checking out the next book in this series! Super excited!!


  1. This book sounds great, I'll have to put it on my TBR list


    1. I really enjoyed it! I definitely recommend it!