Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Review for Cursed in Love: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance by Bethany Shaw - 4 out of 5


Guardian Ethney Wallace’s job is to eradicate the lycanthrope threat before they can feast on unsuspecting humans in Savannah. Gifted with the ability to turn into a mermaid, she fights alongside the other eleven guardians. It’s not an easy job, but it’s one she enjoys, at least until innocent children get hurt. On a solo mission gone wrong, Noah, a stunning stranger who has been infected by the lycanthrope, rescues her. He and his young niece, Claire, need Ethney’s help, but she’s been down this road before and it has never ended well.
Noah Hawthorne and Claire survived a brutal lycanthrope attack, but they didn’t come away completely unscathed. Both were bitten and now risk becoming the very monsters that murdered their family. With the full moon two weeks away they are in a race against time to stop the mutation from spreading within them.
Together, Noah and Ethney search for a cure, which brings them closer. Resisting the budding attraction between them is arduous; a romance is forbidden, as Ethney is honor bound to destroy all lycanthrope. If she and Noah fail in finding a cure, she will have to destroy him.


Really enjoying this series so far! It was great to see a continuation of the story Bethany Shaw started in Fated Souls, but this can still be read as a standalone even if you haven't read Fated Souls; this just has a continuing overall storyline, so you may still want to read Fated Souls since some previous characters are present. I loved getting to see mermaid shifter, Ethney, and to delve deeper into her story. The lycanthropes are still terrorizing people by capturing them and turning them against their will to create a deadly lycanthrope army, and Ethney has been tasked with stopping them. Along the way, she meets Noah, who has been infected, but hasn't fully succumbed to the lycanthrope madness, so Ethney and Noah team up in hopes of finding a cure and a way to stop the lycanthropes. Ethney is a strong, kick-butt female! It's great to read about a strong heroine, and I loved her mermaid aspects; super cool! The romance is really sweet, and I loved getting glimpses of previous characters, and look forward to getting the rest of the groups stories!

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