Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Review for Laralynn's Turn by Joann Herley - 4 out of 5


Jario thought he had escaped capture when he fled Black Thistle Castle and Alltree Island, but he has traded one capture for another. Mistress Violeta of the Firelight Castle has ordered Jario to bring her the Singing Sword or face his final death. Forced to return to Black Thistle Castle, Jario takes on a new identity and eagerly accepts Lady Kayleigh's invitation to the Black Thistle Masquerade Ball. Discovering Jario was behind the mask of antlers, Baxter and Laralynn are tasked with capturing him. One wrong turn hurls them all into a hidden world far beneath Wintergreen Mountain called Alabaster. Will the bitter cold tendrils of death seek a new victim, or will all survive to tell the tale of what lies beneath the mountain?


This was fun, and the premise was unique and interesting! I like the world that Joann Herley has created, it's sort of a medieval/Pride and Prejudice setting, and I loved that this book has characters that use magic! There's a cursed Queen, a disreputable vampire, and adventure to be had by Laralynn and her beau, Baxter, it was entertaining! Jario, a vampire, has need for a magic sword, so he devises a plan to steal the sword, which causes Laralynn and company to do what they can to stop Jario, which leads Laralynn and Baxter into some new lands and a tense situation with the royals of that land. I haven't read any of Joann Herley's books previous to this, but I wish I had because I was thinking this was a standalone, but the story has many of the previous characters from the Evergreen Series, and I think I would've developed more of a connection with the characters of this story had I started from the beginning book. This I suppose could be read as a standalone because I wasn't lost in the story, but there's just too much backstory that would've been beneficial to know before starting this book, so in my opinion, read the previous books first. I enjoyed all the characters, so I'd like to check out their stories too! I do wish that the characters had a bit more depth at times, but this book is more adventure driven, rather than character driven. I also found some of the character actions weird, they have a seer tell them that "someone" is going to try to steal something from them, so they say they'll be on the lookout, but they don't do anything of the sort! Also, a character is chasing another character on horseback, when they see who they are chasing, the character shouts at the person they are chasing, which causes that character to escape. Also, for some reason these characters wait long periods of time during dire circumstances, a character is severely injured and another character has healing abilities, but waits a couple days to help because they were too distraught, which was just odd to me. There's was a couple other times like this too, so I would've liked for the characters to be more present in the situations happening in the book. I did enjoy Laralynn's Turn though, and I look forward to checking out the previous books.

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