Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Review for Mated by Katie Salidas - 4 out of 5


Brady Whelan, Second Son of the Olde Town pack is a confirmed bachelor, serial womanizer, and self-proclaimed sex god.
He wears those titles like a badge of honor.
Boyfriend or – a word that should never be spoken – mate...
No way in Hell!
He’d never let a woman tie him down… like that.
But Rachel Marsden might give him a reason to change his ways.


The story is entertaining and the writing is really good, and I enjoyed the action and suspense. The thing that was lacking for me was the connection between Brady and Rachel, their connection didn't feel like it had much depth, so I was a bit disappointed with that. Their relationship was actually my least favorite thing about this book, and I don't think I really cared for either of them as characters, but despite that I loved the rest of the book, and it was great seeing previous characters. I do think the way the Rachel was introduced was very interesting, and I was really hoping to see Brady make a significant change personality wise, but no luck there. I loved the werewolf aspect, and I think Katie Salidas does have an interesting take on werewolves. So overall, the story kept me reading, and the writing is on point, and I enjoyed reading it.

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