Thursday, July 13, 2017

Review for Reluctant by Allyson Lindt - 4 out of 5


Jodie’s got the perfect life plan—finish her graduate work at Stanford, land an internship at the most advanced transplant-research firm in the country, and become an innovator in the same field. There’s no room in her life for the random variable and a one-night stand with a guy who has no interest in sharing the responsibility of a child. The only person she can turn to is the stepbrother who made her life a living hell in high school.

Logan is intelligent, sexy-as-hell, and asinine to a fault. He’s got his kind moments, but they tend to end with him and Jodie screaming at each other… or screaming each other’s names, after they lose all their clothes. If they can’t stop the fighting-mixed-with-passion long enough to find a solution for the pending new arrival in Jodie’s life, they risk three futures.


I loved the forbidden romance aspect between step siblings, and Logan and Jodie were sweet with each other, so I really enjoyed those aspects in this story. I wasn't in love with the pregnancy scenario, but I enjoyed the rest of the story, so it didn't bother me or anything. Jodie gets pregnant by her douchebag of a roommate, who wants nothing to do with her or the baby. Logan is Jodie's stepbrother, who has always been a pain in the butt to Jodie, but when these two spend more time together, the sparks begin to fly, and these 2 have some hot moments. I found Logan to be adorable, and I like how he stepped up to be there for Jodie, and he didn't shy away from difficult situations. This is a quick, cute read with some steam, and I was entertained till the end.

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