Thursday, July 13, 2017

Review for Survivor by Nicole Blanchard - 5 out of 5!


I knew falling in love with him was bad for us both, but I did it anyway.

For a brief moment, we had it all. Even though he was leaving to join the Marines and I had four years of college ahead of me, he was everything I ever wanted and didn’t think I deserved.

But real life has a way of dashing dreams—and that happy future we envisioned together? It disappeared at the hands of a monster.

Ten years have passed and I’m not the same na├»ve girl that believed in happily-ever-afters. When unforeseen events draw me back to our hometown and I find myself caring for my two teenage brothers, the last thing on my mind should be reconnecting with the hottie-turned-hero who I loved at seventeen.

As the past begins to repeat itself and old threats resurface, I’ll have to trust him with the secrets that tore us apart if I want a second chance at his heart.


Love second chance at love romances, and I love the connection between Jack and Sofie (there were two spellings for her name in the book, so I'll go with the spelling from the text; rather than the spelling from the chapter separations). Jack was heartbroken when Sofie broke up with him without much explanation, but when she returns to town 10 years later to help out her family, Jack and Sofie can't deny the chemistry between them, and Jack wants to know why Sofie has walls built up. I don't really understand Sofie's reasoning for leaving and why she has a bit of attitude with Jack at times, but I get that she was young and that she was a bit frantic, and that she is trying to make it so Jack stays away, but 10 years is quite a long time to stay gone; especially since why she ran wasn't quite an issue for a lot of those 10 years. Jack is wonderful, and I loved how caring and protective he is. He's a really good guy, and doesn't let Sofie's prickliness push him away. The romance is really sweet and passionate, and I loved the little glimpses we got of when they were together when they were younger. They have some things to work through in the present, and I felt so bad for them! Jack really got a raw deal! And poor Sofie! I enjoyed the bit of suspense in this story, and loved seeing a couple past characters. Entertaining read! I've really enjoyed this series!

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