Sunday, August 13, 2017

Review for Deadly Seduction by Roxy Sinclaire - 3.5 out of 5


Mickey was the new next door neighbor. He was secretly a CIA agent, but couldn’t give away his profession to the woman he had to seduce as part of his mission. She just happened to be the general’s daughter.

Laurie takes a liking to him, and thinks he’s just great. Except for the fact that he keeps asking about her stoner of a roommate, who was her brother. This leaves her puzzled and makes her question if something else is going.

Her brother was Mickey’s target. He needed to find out if classified information was being handed over to the Russians.

Mickey needs to find out if Laurie is part of the problem or just plain innocent whose life may be in danger. The only way to do so is to deceive her into thinking he wants her.

But what happens when Mickey actually does fall for her? Will he be able to continue through with the mission? Is Laurie really a traitor? What happens when the Russians do show up and it’s a question of life or death?


Deadly Seduction is a enjoyable read, and I liked the premise, there's some suspense added to this story that I really enjoyed. I would've liked there to be more interaction between the main characters, and I think Roxy Sinclaire could benefit from adding epilogues to her books; I've read only one other by her, and that also didn't have an epilogue, so her other books may have them, but the 2 I've read didn't, and they could've greatly benefitted by having epilogues. Laurie has taken in her idiot brother because their father threw him out, and Laurie is a people pleaser, so despite her brother destroying her house and being disrespectful towards her, she's putting up with him, but she isn't aware of how much trouble her brother truly is. Mickey, an undercover CIA agent, moves in next door to Laurie in order to investigate Laurie and her brother. Laurie and Mickey are immediately attracted to each other, but secrets and drama get in the way of their attraction. As I said earlier, I would've like for Mickey and Laurie to have more bonding time together; there's a lot of internal dialogue in this book, so I would've liked more outer dialogue between the two. They do have nice chemistry, and when they are together, they do have some hot times. I liked Laurie, but she's a bit of a damsel, she's the type that just curls up and waits to be rescued, and she's a lot nicer than I would be, I would've kicked her brother out right away, lol. This story is interesting, and I liked how it played out. I listened to the audio book version of this story, and the narrator did a really good job, so I'd recommend the audio version for this book. Interesting, enjoyable read.

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