Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Review for Denying the Watcher by Kim Loraine - 5 out of 5!


Five years...that’s all I have left,
then the Watcher will take control.
But not before I use him to get what I want.

It seemed like a good plan at the time,
until I found her.
She's meant for me.
Now I can't leave her.
I won't go.

Sariel demands I hold up my end of our deal,
Fight the Fallen.
Win the war between Heaven and Hell.
But she's the one I never thought I’d find,
I can’t let Sariel take me from her.
I need to make a choice--her or my soul?


Another amazing book by Kim Loraine! I am so loving this series! Intense, hot, and passionate! This series is really unique, and the storyline for this series is so intriguing that I can't put the books down once I start! I'd suggest reading the first book before this one since there are characters from the previous book involved in this one, and the reading experience will be more enjoyable. Devin, a vampire, made a deal to share his body with Sariel, a Watcher, in order to regain his soul. Devin has 5 years to do as he pleases, but then Sariel is to gain control of Devin's body, the end of that 5 years is fast approaching, but when an unexpected person comes into Devin's life, he realizes he may have been hasty in his decisions, and is re-evaluating the deal he made, but he may not find it so easy to change the course he finds himself on. Devin and Willow's chemistry was hot, hot, hot! She's a feisty one, and keeps Devin on his toes. I wasn't in love with some of the games being played between these two, but I enjoyed their connection, and I enjoyed Willow backstory, and seeing how that was going to play out. It added some nice suspense to the story. The writing is wonderful, and really draws a reader in. I wasn't completely happy with a couple things in the end, but that's just because I want my idea of perfect for these characters. I still love this book, and am really looking forward to the next book! Sexy, interesting, dynamic read!

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