Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Review for Haunted By Her Dragon by Julia Mills - 5 out of 5!


Life has never been easy for Dr. Samantha Malone especially since the day all those years ago that her family was taken in a tragic car accident. Now at almost twenty-nine years old and an aspiring surgeon, she is faced with putting her life back together once again after being kidnapped and left for dead. Had it not been for six feet two inches of walking muscle in ripped jeans and worn cowboy boots with crystal blue eyes and a cheeky grin that made her wonder what he was up to, she might never have seen the light of day. All these months later she knows he protects her from the shadows, never far but never seen. Why? What does he know that she does not?

There are no coincidences.

He protects her, always unseen but never far, making sure the ones that dared to hurt her do not come back while he waits for the time when he can claim her as his own. Fear is not something the fierce Dragon Guardsman is used to feeling but it is something he has become accustomed to over the last seven months. Fear that he will not catch the traitor and his cohorts before they hurt those he cares most deeply for. Fear that he will not be able to protect the one the Universe made especially for him. Fear that he is not what Samantha needs but then…

The Universe does not make mistakes.

Lance has spent his long life cracking jokes and making fun of his brethren as each succumbed to the sappiness of everlasting love with the one that completes them like no other. Now the Universe is the one laughing and his fellow Guardsmen are the ones making jokes as the mating call of his kin and his dragon push him headlong towards the one that will bring light to his soul in this life and the next. He can no longer deny that he is meant to spend the rest of his many years with Sam but his obligation to eliminate any threats to her life must come first…right? For the Guardsman who has hot-dogged his way through one hundred and twelve years, one brown-eyed curly-headed doctor will make him rethink everything he ever knew.

Fate will not be denied.


I always enjoy Julia Mills' dragon stories! The books are quick, fun, interesting dragon shifter reads, and I really enjoy them! This can be read as a standalone, but it does feature previous characters and some storylines that carry through from previous books, so you may want to start with the previous books. I also listened to the audio version of this book, and the narrator did a great job, and I enjoyed her performance, and I recommend listening to the audio book if you have the opportunity. The romance is really sweet, and I enjoyed the connection the dragon shifters have with their mates. Samantha is a strong woman, and she was a nice complement to dragon shifter, Lance. Lance is protective and caring, and I enjoyed his dynamic with his dragon shifter brethren. Wonderful series! I look forward to reading more!

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