Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Review for Man Candy by Jessica Lemmon - 4 out of 5


Dax: After spending the summer buried up to my eyeballs in my family’s affairs, I’m ready for a break. The kind of break where I can spend two solid weeks camping and fishing in the company of absolutely no one. Then I find myself directly in the path of a drop-dead gorgeous tornado by the name of Becca Stone. Who can resist a night with a damsel in distress? Especially when she happens to be a leggy blonde? The last thing I expect is for Becca to show up on my cabin doorstep the next night, shivering in the rain and ready for seconds.

Becca: One minute I’m admiring the rock-hard jaw of the Magic Mike lookalike who walks into my bar, and the next I’m getting fired by my own brother. Loudly. In front of everyone. Luckily Dax Vaughn is a gentleman who aims his white-hot smile at me. Oh, it’s on. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Then a torrential storm washes out the main road and causes a massive power outage, giving us two whole weeks to enjoy each other’s company. At which point Dax will go back home, leaving “us” in the rearview mirror. That’s the plan. Or it was . . . until I started falling for him.


This was cute and fun! It's a sweet and sexy romance with a bit of humor. I really enjoy Jessica Lemmon's humor, and her characters are always interesting. I really liked the setting, and the scenario of being sort of trapped in the wilderness. This story is quick to the hot stuff, and a bit slower to the feelings aspect of romance. Becca is a bit of a free spirit, who doesn't quite know who she is, or what she wants in life. She's currently working at her brother's lodge resort, but they have some sibling issues, so it's not exactly ideal. Becca sees a hottie at the bar, Dax, and they immediately get to groovin'. Dax has some stresses in his life, and wanted to get away for a couple of weeks, so he decided to stay at the lodge and just be by himself, but when sexy Becca picks him up, he can't resist. These two have lots of sexy times, and both think they'll be fine to go their separate ways when Dax returns home, but keeping feelings out of a sexual relationship is difficult. I liked Becca and Dax, and they are adorable together. Becca's indecision is really annoying though, and I wanted Dax to be a little more alpha, but I still enjoyed their connection. Entertaining, unique romance! Look forward to more from Jessica Lemmon!

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