Friday, February 16, 2018

Review for Called by the Vampire - Part 8 by V. Vaughn - 3 out of 5


With Robert’s help, Maggie tames her bloodlust easily, but his gift comes with a price. Maggie is forced to keep his involvement in her training a secret. Unfortunately, Lyndsey has a harder time learning to feed responsibly and discovers she has a flaw that would be fatal to anyone but royalty. When King Daniel hears about Maggie’s instant success, he employs her to train Lyndsey.

Alexander confirms Maggie is his soul mate, but her feelings have faded and she’s not so sure. Maggie puts her love life on hold as she is forced to decide between revealing a secret that would endanger the Hart brothers or risking her own existence when she fails.


Maggie is still making bad decisions, but at least this time, it's helping her out some. Lyndsey's easy transition into vampirehood hits a snag, but there's not very much of Lyndsey in this installment. Maggie is trying to come to terms with being a vampire; she's not taking it well, but with some help from Robert, things may be looking up for her. Maggie doesn't learn from her mistakes though, so I don't see it working out very well. Maggie and Alexander reconnect sort of, but I'm still not feeling his supposed love for Maggie. The story is progressing, and I liked this installment more than some of the previous installments. This is an entertaining read, but it just doesn't pull me into the story. Each installment is a quick read, and keeps me interested though, so I'd still like to see where the characters end up.

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