Friday, February 23, 2018

Review for Fearless Little Werewolf by Katie Salidas - 4 out of 5


In the game of Alphas, claiming the title is the greatest prize, one which most would kill to achieve. But for Giselle to win, she'll have to risk her pack, her family... and her life.

The death of the Regional Alpha exposes Giselle to the deadly game of werewolf politics where friends are liabilities, boyfriends are weaknesses, and family are pawns strategically played against her.

Finding her fur-ever family, after years lost in the foster care system, brought more drama than little werewolf Giselle had bargained for, especially when it's discovered she's the long lost daughter of the former Regional Alpha, Orion Silverman.

After the current Alpha's death, Giselle is suddenly thrust into the brutal arena to prove herself. Her veins might run with the blood of Alphas, but all her enemies can see is a legacy of human weakness, and they'll do anything to prevent this feral pup from taking leadership.


This is the 3rd book in this series, and the story is coming along nicely. I'd recommend reading the previous books before this one, since the story is a continuation. There may be spoilers in this review from the previous books. Giselle has learned more about her parents, but along with that comes more problems that Giselle may not be ready for. There's a lot of werewolf politics in this book, and Giselle needs to find her way through some tough situations. I would've liked for Giselle to mature a bit more, but she does a good job of handling herself. I enjoyed that there's more wolves brought into the mix, and that there's some witchy action going on in this book. It's also great to see some characters from the previous books! It's great to see how they are doing. I'm still disappointed on the romance front of things, and I really don't see why Giselle and Damien are still together. At the end of the last book, it seemed Giselle realized that Damien isn't supportive of her. It's more of the same for Giselle and Damien in this book. Damien is a little better in this book, but he's still not very supportive of Giselle. There's a bit more action in this book that I enjoyed, and I'd like to see Giselle mature further in future books.

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