Thursday, May 10, 2018

Review for Kin Selection by L.B. Gilbert - 4 out of 5


Animal activist Denise Hammond had no idea the wolf cub she just rescued was a shifter--not until the werewolf sent to recover him kidnapped her.

Saving a wolf cub from an animal-testing facility changes everything for Denise Hammond, a feisty and dedicated animal activist. Determined to protect the innocent pup, she's shocked when the cub shifts into a toddler right before her eyes.

Yogi, a wolf shifter, is bound by honor to keep his species' existence a secret. He kidnaps Denise and takes her to the cub's family to make her prove her trustworthiness. Knowing a hellion with curves likes hers is the ultimate temptation for the other males in his pack, Yogi stays close to Denise, fighting to keep his desire for her under control. But she just might ignite the animal within him.


I like the premise for this story, and I enjoyed that the story is a bit of an adventure. Denise is an animal activist, she breaks into labs and frees the animals. On her latest adventure, she comes across a baby wolf pup, but little does she know, he's not an ordinary wolf pup. Yogi is tasked with finding out what happened to one of the packs missing baby wolf shifter, and when he finds Denise, he's not sure what to make of her. Or what to do with her because the shifters need to protect their secret. This one starts a little slow for me, and I didn't love Denise, but overall, I really enjoyed it. I liked the animal activist angle because it added a danger element. Yogi was great! His name isn't, but the rest of him was terrific. I would've liked a bit more depth to the characters, but Kin Selection entertained me from beginning to end. I've read other L.B. Gilbert books, and I've loved all the ones I've read, so I'll definitely continue to read more. Fun, sweet short story!

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