Saturday, June 16, 2018

Review for Shattered Assassin by Wendy Knight - 5 out of 5!


When the royal family is brutally murdered, Princess Kazia alone is left to rule the kingdom. But how can she rule when her home has burned to the ground and at any moment the assassin may return to finish the job?

Under the protection of the Captain of the Royal Guard — her late brother's childhood best friend — the princess must flee to protect herself and what is left of the royal line until the assassin can be found and brought to justice. First to her uncle's estate and then to her betrothed's kingdom, but the assassin seems to be one step ahead of them all along the way.

And then there is the captain. With every mile they travel together, Princess Kazia must fight the feelings for him that she thought she had left behind long ago.

Surviving until her coronation seems like an impossible task. But survive she must…

With both her life and her heart at stake, the weak and seemingly helpless Princess Kazia still bears a secret. One that can either save her and her kingdom or take everything she has left.


Loved the action and adventure! Very interesting story that has some unexpected scenarios going on. I love stories that have the characters traveling, and I really enjoyed the suspense. Princess Kazia's family has been murdered, so she's the last heir left and needs to be protected since she is now to be queen. With the murderer on the loose, Kazia and her guards make their way to her Uncle's place for safety. Luke is the Captain of the Guard, and he also happens to have broke Kazia's heart when they were younger, so these 2 have a love/hate relationship. The romance is really sweet and I actually would've loved more romance, but what was there was wonderful. I enjoy the I want you, but I shouldn't scenario. Kazia is an interesting character, and it's great to see her growth throughout the story. Kazia has some type of medical condition that I wish could've been explored more. I think there was a chance to make it another interesting scenario. Overall, the story is terrific, a real page turner, and I love Wendy Knight's writing!

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