Thursday, August 2, 2018

Review for I Knew Bear Were Trouble by V. Vaughn - 4 out of 5


When Nina moves to Maine to be near her best friends, she's determined to overcome the social anxiety that has always plagued her. It feels like a fresh start to open her own business and begin learning to be comfortable in her own skin. But old habits die hard, and Nina’s awkward ways shake her new-found confidence when she meets Seth, a werebear who is so sexy he makes her knees weak. The fact that he seems to find her quirks cute helps to foster their relationship, but Nina soon discovers Seth isn’t letting her see who he really is. The truth about the werebear who is supposed to be her soul mate makes Nina question what she really wants, and it might not be Seth at all.


This is a cute short story! Nina is a witch, and Seth is a bear shifter. This story is about them meeting and growing closer. Nina is a little accident prone and she's working on her self-confidence. She has her awkward moments, and doesn't feel confident in why Seth wants to date her. Their relationship is sweet, and Nina's magic is fun. Loved the glitter bomb! Quick, fun romance!

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