Sunday, October 21, 2018

Review for Suit by BB Easton - 5 out of 5!!


Because BB Easton had so much fun writing her bestselling, award-winning memoir, 44 CHAPTERS ABOUT 4 MEN, she decided to give each of her four men his own steamy standalone. SUIT is Ken's book—the hilarious, heartwarming tale of how BB finally got over her bad boy phase and found happily ever after with…gasp…a guy in a tie.

“Since when are you into guys in ties? You only like guys who look like they rob guys in ties. At gunpoint.”

It was true. By 2003, my type had been well-established. There might as well have been a giant sign on my heart that said, Good Guys Need Not Apply.

Which is exactly why I had to friend-zone Ken Easton. The man was a former football star, smelled like fresh laundry instead of stale cigarettes, and had more ties in his closet than tattoos on his knuckles. Pssh. BOR-ING.

But the more I got to know my hunky study buddy, the more questions I came away with. Questions like: Why doesn’t he date? Why does he avoid human touch? Why does he hate all things fun and wonderful?

The psychology student in me became obsessed with getting inside Ken’s head, while the spoiled brat in me became obsessed with getting inside his heart.

In 2003, I found the one thing I love more than bad boys…

A good challenge.


Words cannot express how much I love this series!! It is one of my absolute favorites! BB Easton’s words draw you in and touch your heart. I'm so glad I took a chance on something different; this whole series has exceeded my expectations, and BB Easton is definitely a 1-click for me. I fell in love as BB fell in love, and my heart hurt when those boys did BB wrong, and my heart soared when she grew and found the one. I started with Skin in audio, and at first, I didn't know what I was listening too, but I quickly realized this is something amazing. I totally fell in love with this raw, gritty, REAL story of 1 punk girl and 4 men that impacted her life. The humor, the heart, the soul of this series will stay with me forever. BB has let us into her real life, and I adore how completely honest the story is. She doesn't sugar coat anything. BB made me fall in love with her damaged Knight, laugh at the craziness of Harley, swoon at the sweetness of Hans, and cry with happiness when BB found her Ken. Ken is adorable! I've loved Knight from the beginning, but as soon as that chiseled jaw, "pajama" wearing, gatorade drinking man came into BB's life in Star, I knew this man was the keeper. His unconditional love for BB makes my heart melt, and my eyes water with the happiness I feel for them. The support he gives BB is amazing! Ken may not be overtly romantic, but I can feel how much Ken loves BB and will do anything for her. And BB is just the one to pull Ken out of his shell, she brings color to his life. I just want to hug and squeeze them both!

I'm so sad it's over, but I have loved the journey. I will read anything BB Easton writes. She is a forever favorite of mine. I can't wait to see what's next! No pressure, BB! Possibly, a Knight like character getting his happily ever after? One can hope! I want that happily ever after.
Alright, I better stop. Thank you for your words and your story, BB. You've made an impact on me.

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