Me in a Nutshell...

Hello! My name is Shannon!

I work at a hotel, and I am also a business student. I live in Washington State with my boyfriend, and our cat, Bella, and our dog, Fachita.

Bella and Fachita!

I love reading! Any free time I have goes towards reading. I generally read supernatural romances, contemporary romances, YA, NA, Sci-Fi, and I really love dystopian stories. I love happy endings! I'm not one of those readers that is okay with things ending badly. I will give a book a 1 rating just because I hate the ending; example: Allegiant got a 1 rating, but I absolutely love Divergent, and still plan to see all the movies; I'm okay with them changing the ending though! I love too many books to pick a favorite; same with authors. I do judge a book by its cover. I know, I know! I shouldn't, but I am a sucker for a beautiful cover. I do try to look past it though because I have loved plenty of books that don't have great covers, and a gorgeous cover doesn't always mean a great book. My sleep often suffers because I have an inability to stop reading once I start a book. I do sometimes skim a book to get to the good parts.

I watch tons of TV and Movies; shout out to my DVR!, and Netflix; oh and an honorable mention to On Demand. I love binge watching! Just like with books I like too many TV shows and Movies to really list them. I really enjoy when books I love are made into movies; no matter if they are good; Hunger Games, or bad; Vampire Academy, and while I did still like the Vampire Academy movie, it really didn't do the book justice, so I try not to think of it as being a book I love, so I'll enjoy the movie better. I'm good at that; separating a book from the movie adaptation, but I still love, love when the movie is a lot like the book.

I listen to pretty much any type of music, so once again I like too many to list; maybe I should be more discerning, but oh well, I like what I like.

Let's see, what else. I really do fill my free time with reading, and since I generally have tons of homework, I'm pretty boring. Hmmm....I enjoy going to the ballet, hanging with the boyfriend, hanging with friends, and sleeping.

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